Monday, May 24, 2010

It's Party time

This last weekend my Zumba friend Laura and I

got to head out to Tuscaloosa Alabama...

for a Zumba certification class.

Oh my was so much work, but

so so so much fun!!! We were both sore and stiff

from all the INTENSE Zumba we did from 9-6

but we were so excited it was hard to notice....

unfortunately when we left, the party was

over and the pain arrived. But it still

wasn't to bad....just a little achy.


I am happy to say that we were both shining

students throughout the different points of the class

we both got selected to go on stage and booty shake with

the instructor (Eric) ;) !!!!


During a choreography session

we split into about 6 different groups and had

to freestyle Zumba within our groups and
Eric would pick the choreography he liked best to

go with the song....

Well, Laura and I were the ones that

he liked the most out of our groups so we

were both picked for that too.


Now we are officially Zumba instructors...

(well maybe I can't say official until we start working)

But we are certified to teach !!!!!

Oh my goodness....I am just so proud of us.

This was out instructor Eric and he was AWESOME!!!

If you ever want an amazing workout and you

are in Miami....look him up!!!

YAY for Zumba!!!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A new addition to the family!!!

Meet Flicker....
This is his first bath...he needed it bad!!!
He was an outside puppy and he smelled like it.

He looks so pitiful....

Trying to get him to tinkle outside....took us
about 25 minutes of waiting....
and waiting.....
and waiting....
but, he finally went and we were such
proud little parents....1st day and no accidents.
Sandy is having a little bit of a hard time
adjusting to not being the only dog anymore.
But I am sure in a few days she will
be a very protective big sister!!!
Welcome home Flicker.....

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Our friends the Martins invited
several families over for a barbecue.
It was such a beautiful day and there was
way to much cuteness going on for
one camera.
Here are some of the cuties from the BBQ

Travis in the drive thru......

Man...I am so lucky....yowzers!!!!Travis will rarely smile into the camera
he always make a silly face or looks the other way.
What a goofball!!!

See what I mean....CUTIES!!!!