Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just a little plug

Alright so I just had to get it out there
that I have just signed up as a
Stampin' Up Demonstrator!!!!
Now some of you may be asking
What on Earth is Stampin' Up?
Well it is all about stamping
and scrapbooking.
If you know what Stampin' Up is and
you have a demonstrator than GREAT!!!
Stick with your demonstrator if you
do not have someone that you order
through or you just want to see what
Stampin' Up is and has to offer......
than you can check out
my web page.
You can order online 24/7
and have the product shipped
directly to your home.
Right now is the
and for every $50 you spend you get
your choice of about 75 free items
and/or sets. Also if you spend $150
not only do you get 3 free sale-a-bration
items you get $15 dollars in free product.
If you have any questions
feel free to give me a call
at 435-760-8959!!!
Thanks for listening to my little plug.
P.S. I am working on a new blog
where I will have daily posts with cards,
video tutorials, tips, and all kinds of fun stuff.
Stay tuned......

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Day

So normally we would have our family
celebration in the morning and then
head to Knox to hang with my mom's family.
But my dad had to work.
So my mom and I had some extra time
and we decided to head up north
and discovered that NOTHING
is open on Christmas day.
We thought for sure that Walmart would be open...
but we were wrong!!!
Luckily Panda Express was open so we didn't starve
during our little Christmas day drive.

Here are just some pics of my mom's side of the family.
Josh and Gracie

me and Grandma Sadie

Tiffany, Grandma and Savanah

Savanah, Gracie and Katie

Aunt Jeanette and my mom
(aren't they just two beautiful sisters!!!!)

just plain ol me

Amelia and her mom Tiffany

An entire post......

just for this little cutie Charlotte!!!!

This is her mom Mary, who is married
to my cousin David.
Charlotte is just so sweet and so quiet
and so happy no matter who she is with or
what is going on around her.
She is so cute I just want to squeeze her.
And you probably will too when you are
done with this post.

Christmas Eve

And this beautiful woman has been the
sticky tape that holds all these crazy people together.
Every year we have little performances.
and Grandma Fernandez cannot get
enough of the singing!!!!!
This year we did it a little different.
My cousin David wrote a little script
that had some Christmas songs incorporated
into it and we dedicated it to Grandma.
I think she was a little lost but we got
the seal of approval when she said we
could move on to the presents.

There are a LOT of pictures so enjoy
my crazy awesome family!!!

Grandma Fernandez

My dad and Uncle sam teasing Grandma about
their presents similarities...

Larry Joe, Uncle Sam and Dad

No that's not my's Daniel
my brother in law
he's a poser...and a good one too!!!

David and Mary kssing under the missletoe
behind Gigi

Rachel and Savanah

Jake and Feliscia


me and my Uncle Sam

Rachel and David

Me and Auntie Narcie

the skit....
Savanah, Feliscia and me

the cutest reindeer around!!!

Uncle Larry and me

Josh, Jacob and Grandma

Josh and Jake

me and Grandma

My mom and cousins little girl

me, Rachel and Feliscia

Gigi and Grandma

The papa and his Mama

the saddest little reindeer

Tha Gang....
well some of them

Gigi and Josh

This hat is contagious...
whoever puts it on is destined to be
gloom and doom
even a cookie can't cheer him up


Just me

me and little brother Jake

Mary, Rachel and Savanah

larry Joe and Jennie
(parents to Gigi)

Dad and Auntie Narcie (his sister)

contagious....doom and gloom
poor Josh

yeah pink sweats from Grandma!!!


Savanah and Grandma

David and his oh so cute baby Charlotte

me and Feliscia

that's what happens when you take
Auntie Narcie's seat....