Friday, November 5, 2010

Gettysburg FANatic!!!!

My dad is a huge civil war buff....
he watched documentaries, he reads
books, he searches online. And no matter
how much it pains me to say this....he was
probably more excited to see Gettysburg
than me when he came to visit. ;)
Just kidding, but not about him being
way way way excited to see Gettysburg.
My poor Dad had an 18 hour trip to get to MD....
he left work at about 2 p.m. and went straight
to the airport, only to find out he was possibly not
going to make it out that night. But, luckily
a flight opened up and he made it to
Atlanta, Ga. He figured he could
catch a few winks at the airport, he had
a big day the next day.....Gettysburg!!!
Well, between the floor buffers and vacuums
my poor dad did not get very much sleep.
He made it out on the very first flight and
got to Baltimore at about 8 a.m. We thought
maybe he would want to nap a bit, take it easy
and we would hit Gettysburg the next day.
Boy, were we wrong....he wanted to go to Gettysburg.
So we packed a lunch that we could eat
when we got there and headed out.
We arrived and decided to eat first then drive
the tour. Here we are making our deliscious lunch.


Daniel, after lunch....Savanah 8 1/2 months prego

Here is Dad to excited to wait....
so during lunch he told us the story
of "The battle of Gettysburg"
He was a fountain of knowledge....
it was awesome to share this experience
with my Dad!!! We had our own
personal tour guide!!
Just a cool statue we wanted a picture by!!
Another cool monument

This is my big deal

Cutsie Savanah
The Papa and Savanah

Just goofin off with the camera

reading about one of the statues

Gettysburg FANatic!!!! part 2

Oh little Mason.....get out of
that belly....I am just to excited to meet you!!!

This is where a huge part of the battle went
on....if I had actually posted this in July when
we went I would proabably remember
some more of the details, but I didn't.
So, now I don't remember....if only my
dad were here.

I think this is little round top?
pretty cool....we just had to go there.

Daniel said this pose was for Travis...

Well I just couldn't let him show
me up....I mean he's my husband.
Mom and Dad at little round top.

On top of the castle.....
Just a cool picture at the entrance to the castle.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A little bit of disc golf

My family loves a good game!!!
.....of pretty much any kind.....
So we went to the disc golf
course in Baltimore.
Look at that pretty lady,
you would never guess just how
deadly she is on the course.
She has a special and unique talent
of getting that darn disc to roll
just where she wants it to.
Daniel, setting up for the shot.
I don't really know what I am doing here.
Alright, this one I can tell just
what is going on....this must be my
hole in one shot!!! ;)
I am so sad that I didn't capture the
shot when my dad fell right on his fanny!!!
Talk about putting eveything you have
into your shots...
Here you see the rarely used flamingo
stance.....just after the release of the disc.

Who knew monkeys could play...
wait a minute that's just Travis
in the tree fetching his disc.
Shot of the day.....other than dad
falling over!!
Josh sure does pull out
the old school disc golf moves....
here we see the puffer fish throw.
Just look at the form in those
cheeks....well done Josh!!!

DC in a Day part 1

Heading into the Air and Space Museum
Fry family photo
What a little nut!!

One of my favorite pics of Feliscia and Noah!!
Self portrait
Lunch in the parking garage...
and only two of us passed out
from fumes by the end of lunch...
Not to bad right?
We made do with what we had
and will remember this vacation
just because of this....
eating on the floor of a parking garage

DC in a Day Part 2

A much needed break and cool off
session at the fountain!!!
Isn't he just the cutest thing ever!!!!
and what about that fox below....
work it mom!!!

Don taking a sit on the bench!!
a BEAR!!!
Look at that handsome fella!!!
Taking a break in the Museum

Who invited this little Asian boy?
Wait that little Asian boy sure
does look like Noah...
It is Noah being a goof ball dancing
to some music at the Park downtown.
Those are some pretty serious dance
moves he's got there!!
Washington Monument
in style with Feliscia and Josh!!
And me too!!!!
Just a cool tree Noah wanted
his picture by!