Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A family that eats together

Stays together!!!!!
Well we have a little tradition of going
out to eat as a family while someone
is in town visiting. This time we chose
It was deliscious and I am surprised
that we have never gotten kicked out
of any of the restaurants because we
can get a little rowdy!!!!

Was I just at a high school reunion?

My friend for well ever.....Amanda
is moving to Pennsylvania and I
found this out while visiting.
She invited me to a going away party
they were having.
I was not expecting to see half
of my graduating class there too.
It was a lot of fun catching up with everyone.
Have fun in Pennsylvania Amanda. I know
you will be missed greatly

This is Julie and Amanda

Michelle and Michelle


Kellie and Rob
Rob and I did not plan to match
but I liked it.

I am happy that Amanda will be closer
to me here in MD, but I am sure she will be greatly missed.


Mick, Mandy, and Brian

My good friend Emily....

Got married to Andrew....
and they are just the cutest couple
I am so happy for them and
was so happy to make it to the wedding
and look forward to when I can see them again.

I also got to see some friends of mine that
I haven't see in almost 10 years.
Danielle and Shayla......
I had a blast dancing the night away
with you guys.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Are you ready for some..............


well Travis is.....he has been
playing flag football on base and
he absolutely

LOVES IT!!!!!!!!

here are some pictures of him and
his team in action.
so far they are doing great they are

Friday, September 11, 2009

Don't judge a book by it's cover

So I have never been much of a reader,
however in the last 2 years I
have read about
And that is GOOD for me.

With my dislike for books growing into a
LIKE for books. I wouldn't stretch
it into a love yet, but maybe one day.
I have been attending a book club that has
been so much fun. I will be honest and say
I haven't read the last 2 books that they have
picked. But one of them I at least started.
It was just so boring and I couldn't read anymore.

But I must say BOOK CLUBS ARE GREAT!!!!
We have snacks and talk all about relationships,
food, family, fun, men, and a little about books.
We are reading The Time Traveler's Wife for our
next book. Wish me luck...I am pretty sure I will
actually read this one..... :)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

And the truth shall set you free....

I got you good didn't I.....well I know I am so cruel.
But, here is the truth of it all.

Alright now to get down to business....
Yes I did lose my camera but then
I found it again and Travis was so happy
he didn't have to buy me a new one.

And yes our fridge was about to die....
it just wasn't keeping things cold. But my lovely
Handy Andy fixed it and now it's like we
have a new fridge.
He's so good.

because of my laziness in posting....the top two things that
were true are now lies....so at this point 4 things were lies.

We did wire our house with ethernet....which was
a pretty big job. But we love the fast connection we have now.

We also painted our basement....and once I get around
to doing a few touch up spots...I can show you some pictures.

No Travis and I are not pregnant. Sorry I know that
was one a lot of people were hoping to be true. :(

We are moving to Georgia for 6 months. Travis will head
out in December and I will leave shortly after that.

Travis did start playing football....and he loves it.

Yes....I got a new calling in church as the 2nd counselor
in the Young Women's program.

No Travis' car did not break down....sometimes
we think it might....but it still keeps going.

and yes I do babysit through the week
Mon-Fri....and I love it.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Which ones....

A lot has happened since I last posted......

1. Travis and I are pregnant
2. We painted our basement
3. We wired our house with Ethernet
4. Our fridge is about to die
5. We are moving to Georgia for 6 months
6. Travis' car broke down
7. I (Sarah) think I lost my camera
8. Travis started playing in a football league
9. I (Sarah) got a new calling in church
10. I (Sarah) started babysitting

so 2 out of the 10 statements are not true....
can you guess which ones?

I will post later to let you know which are true and which are not :)
Have a great week.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A trip to the Zoo

Alright so I know this is really late.....
but better late than never right?
While Ethan (our nephew) was here
we went to the zoo with my friend Kim and her kids.
So this is us at the zoo.

Ethan looking at the Panda's

Ethan lookin' all cool

Me lookin' all normal

Me lookin' all not so normal

The petting part of the zoo
Ethan and Sammy (kim's daughter)

Ethan and Sammy looking at the Lion

I just like this picture. I don't really like
to take pictures of the animals without people
in the picture....I just don't see a point in that. But
I was just goofing around and focused in on the
greenery and got the lioness in the background
and I think it's a cool picture........
what do you think?
am I just silly?

Could you imagine this big ol' claw coming at you.

Ethan having fun in the dinosaur

Happy 4th.....and 5th?

Well I went to my best friend Kim's
barbecue for the 4th of July.
She is always very crafty and festive for
the holidays....we were welcomed by these
lovely cupcakes!!! mmmmm....
There were a lot of cute little patriotic
kids at this barbecue too.

Annika...my friend Katherin's daughter

This is Kim and her cute little girl Corrina.
Kim was making this face because she
didn't want me to take her picture
and Corrina...well I don't know why
she made the exact same face....but
I LOVE IT!!!!!

Kim's other daughter Samantha
she enjoyed the cupcakes!!

Corrina definitely enjoyed the cupcakes,
well....what made it into her mouth.

Tyler...my friend Katie's son.

We celebrated a little late at our house.
Our friends Scott and Christine came
over and we set off some of our own fireworks.

Ethan, Travis and Scott combining powers.

Travis running after he lit a firework.

The Delirium....our grand finale.

Keep those hands up...or...

We took our nephew Ethan to Busch Gardens.
And I really enjoy roller coasters but I am
scared at the same time!!!
But I will say that Busch Gardens was a

This is Travis and Ethan excited to be at the park

Just a big tree

This is teamwork.....Ethan pose for a picture
and Travis will sneak attack

Yes it worked.

Travis seems really pleased with himself.
Sorry Ethan

Takin the train to the other side of the park.

It was very warm that day so we had
to get some ice cream

I scream you scream

we all scream for ice cream