Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A trip to the Zoo

Alright so I know this is really late.....
but better late than never right?
While Ethan (our nephew) was here
we went to the zoo with my friend Kim and her kids.
So this is us at the zoo.

Ethan looking at the Panda's

Ethan lookin' all cool

Me lookin' all normal

Me lookin' all not so normal

The petting part of the zoo
Ethan and Sammy (kim's daughter)

Ethan and Sammy looking at the Lion

I just like this picture. I don't really like
to take pictures of the animals without people
in the picture....I just don't see a point in that. But
I was just goofing around and focused in on the
greenery and got the lioness in the background
and I think it's a cool picture........
what do you think?
am I just silly?

Could you imagine this big ol' claw coming at you.

Ethan having fun in the dinosaur

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