Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mixed Emotions

We were able to go to our newest nieces'
baby blessing while we were in Idaho.
Her mom (Sarah) and dad (Matt)
were able to bear their testimonies ....and
we got a shout out during the testimony.
Woo Woo
It was very special and exciting and I am
happy that we could be there for Kylie
(I don't know if I spelled that right)

Travis has been searching for his one true love
ever since we left Utah. He has been without
her and has been suffering, going through
withdrawals of her sweetness.
He has exhausted all options of finding
her and was hoping that since we were
going to be in Utah he could find her once again.

But his efforts remained unfruitful.
He will never be able to feel her cold sweat
in his hands again. And her one of a kind flavor
when his lips touched her mouth would be lost forever.
The way she made him feel will slowly fade away
until it's too hard to bring back those
wonderful precious memories.
So here's to you DNL....
may your memory live on forever.

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