Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Can you look at this for me.....

Well, I have been keeping Travis up at night for the past week. Not from that you silly....from coughing!!! I would have gone to the Dr. sooner for it too, except I already had an appointment scheduled for today...So I waited! I don't know about you but I hate going to the Doctor. That's not saying I don't like my Dr., because I do very much but I just don't like being there. But, I went anyway...and I have Bronchitis....poor poor me!!! So I came home and indulged in some Chocolate(My answer for everything), coughed a lot, and took a nap.
The funny thing about not liking the Doctor is that I always have something wrong with me!!! I am the biggest hypochondriac around!!! I am always asking Travis to look at moles, bumps, my throat and to feel my forehead. It's pretty bad... Whenever I call him into a room as soon as he hears, "Can you look at this for me?" (which he hears a lot) He gives me the sigh of death and laughs at me....don't lie your laughing right now aren't you? This will make you laugh more....I am the same way with Sandy (our dog). I always worry that something is wrong with her. For instance, one time I was worried because she had discharge( boogers) from her eyes(a lot more than normal) so I took her to the vet and she had an eye infection...and we found out she has allergies. So I was right in worrying...I can only imagine how worrisome I will be when we have children...I am going to be calling my mom all the time!!!! HOW DO YOU STAY SANE AS A MOTHERS? Oh my goodness.....just stay healthy ALL OF YOU!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I called my mom today to talk about the show Closer....have you seen it? When I was talking to her my nephew (5 years old) starts talking to my mom and I am just sitting there. So I asked my mom to deliver a message to Noah for me..... and it went something like this.....When Aunt Sarah is talking to Grandma Barbie you just need to zip it until she is done. So she told him and he was shocked that I would really say something like that, so he had to get on the phone himself and see if it was true? Little did I know this would strike up an hour long conversation with him. He has never talked to me for that long...maybe...20 minutes tops!!!!
We talked about his new "race car" and the race he was in that he won a trophy for getting first place. He told me about all the mods his car could shoot bullets and had blades that came out the side for cutting things(but they were broken at the time). He then told me about the bad guy he had to race "X"!!!!! Now "X" had killed his personal driving instructor and he was worried that he would kill his new teacher so we came up with about 20 plans to rid the world of "X".Then much to my dismay Noah told me that "X" was on his way to my house and I had to hide. So I the closet...and I had to whisper so he wouldn't find me. He then said "Do you remember how I told you Batman was my friend? Well I have his number and you should call him to come help you." Well as you can imagine this brought me great joy so I asked what the number was. And he told me "11" I ask if that is the whole number...."2" that the whole number....."34" I ask again is that the whole number and he says "Yes and tell him I said to bring the batmobile!" It was so hard for me not to laugh. So he tells me to call him back when I get off the phone with I did and we talked for a few more minutes and he had to go to school. It was the best conversation ever. Man I love that kid!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Exciting News...

Travis and I had some really exciting news revealed to us this weekend that we had to share with somebody!!! So I called my mom to tell her...she was the first that I wanted to tell! However, my brother Jason answered the phone. He was with my mom and dad so it was all is our conversation...

Jason: "Hey Sarah how's it going?"
Sarah: "Pretty good Ja...I have some exciting news!!!"
Jason: "Tell me about it"
Jason: "I'm gonna be an Uncle....?"
To which my mom starts screaming in the background....Your gonna be an Uncle...Oh my gosh...
Sarah: "Just kidding....SUCKA!!!!!"
Jason: "What you're just kidding...that's not funny Sarah"
I was threatened by my mother that if I ever did that again she would have to beat me silly...

It was the most perfect set-up ever.... But I really did have exciting news! So I told them that Travis and I had met with our Bishop and he said that we could be sealed in the Temple within the next couple of months. Isn't that so exciting? Well then, when Travis and I got home we had a lot of decisions to make. Where do we get sealed...
Temple Square: My family would fly out...All of our families would be together.... but we would have to wait until Spring
Chicago Temple: My parents were sealed there...we would have a winter wedding (Christmas)...only my family would be there
Washington DC Temple: We could go would probably be just Travis and I
I think we are leaning towards Temple Square with both of our families...Anyways it's really exciting news and I just wanted to share it with all those that I care about(that's you crazy).

Friday, September 12, 2008

Good times

Today while I was updating our filing cabinet, I ran across an old notebook and a file labeled love notes. I didn't have time to go through any of it at the time, but later in the evening, when Travis was home, I suggested going through them together. It was such a blast. We used to leave notes for each other all the time. I don't think I have left a note for Travis in almost a year. We decided that we need to leave more notes, it brought back such great memories of everything that we had been through. We had fun putting the notes to different times in our lives. Some were funny, some were confusing, and some just made me fall in love with him all over again. Anyways it was a lot of fun taking a stroll down memory lane.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


My little brother Jason has been going through a bit of a rough patch back in the ol' Homestead of Indiana. So after about 3 months of my gentle persuading he is going to come and live with me and Travis. I just wanted to say how excited I am, he is the most amazing person. 1. He is the hardest worker I know 2. He loves animals 3. I am his favorite sister (It's true I heard it straight from my mouth and I meant it) 4. He hates contention and will always lighten the mood when it's tense 5. He is a great singer...he does a great Elvis impression 5. He is a great dancer 6. He is great with electronics 7. He is handsome 8. He is great with cars too 9. I love his laugh 10. He is really mello and laid back 11. He has a lot of muscles...boy I could go on forever but you don't need to hear all the reasons I love my brother and why I am so excited I just am!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Shady business...

My big brother Josh cam all the way from Las Vegas to visit us here on the east coast. Josh and I headed up to New Jersey (3 1/2 bours) to visit my little sister Savanah. We of course had to hit up New York while we were there and had quite an experience while there....let me tell you
All over New York (well Canal St.) there are street vendors. It was packed with shops and people yelling to get you to stop at their shops. It was intense!!! There were also little asian women standing with cards and on these cards were pictures of hand bags, clutches and purses. Well a couple tries to stop us but we didn't see anything interesting. But one lady had some good pictures so we thought we would give it a try. So we followed her like 4 blocks and she told us only 2 could come in and we were like but there are 4 of us. We thought we would just all 4 go in anyway. Then we walk up to a mini-van and she tells Josh and Jaz (savanah's boyfriend) to wait at the end of the block (Scary....I was thinking why lady....) then she says "Go to end of block, look for stand by van." AAAAWWW there is some shady dealing going on here!!! So they leave and Savanah and I get in this van jam packed with purses. We had a total of 4 purses between the two of us that we liked...all "Coach" (yeah right)! We haggled with her for like 15 minutes...which was fun!!! Decided on a price and she got out her walkie-talkie asked if the coast was clear to 2 old asian men sitting on lawn chairs a block away and practically pushed us out of the van. It was quite the experience!!!! Fun, exciting and scary all at the same time!!!
Anyways, back to Josh we saw New York, spent a day in Washington D.C., played a few intense games of Ultimate Frisbee (WHICH JOSH ROCKS AT), slept in EVERYDAY, played Halo, and had some friends over for game night. Now I am going through Josh withdrawals and can't wait till I get some more family time. I have the best family in the world and I don't live close to any of them....BUMMER!!!!! Well at least we have our friends to hang out with....oh wait no we don't..they are all over the US too!!! We miss all you guys!