Sunday, September 7, 2008

Shady business...

My big brother Josh cam all the way from Las Vegas to visit us here on the east coast. Josh and I headed up to New Jersey (3 1/2 bours) to visit my little sister Savanah. We of course had to hit up New York while we were there and had quite an experience while there....let me tell you
All over New York (well Canal St.) there are street vendors. It was packed with shops and people yelling to get you to stop at their shops. It was intense!!! There were also little asian women standing with cards and on these cards were pictures of hand bags, clutches and purses. Well a couple tries to stop us but we didn't see anything interesting. But one lady had some good pictures so we thought we would give it a try. So we followed her like 4 blocks and she told us only 2 could come in and we were like but there are 4 of us. We thought we would just all 4 go in anyway. Then we walk up to a mini-van and she tells Josh and Jaz (savanah's boyfriend) to wait at the end of the block (Scary....I was thinking why lady....) then she says "Go to end of block, look for stand by van." AAAAWWW there is some shady dealing going on here!!! So they leave and Savanah and I get in this van jam packed with purses. We had a total of 4 purses between the two of us that we liked...all "Coach" (yeah right)! We haggled with her for like 15 minutes...which was fun!!! Decided on a price and she got out her walkie-talkie asked if the coast was clear to 2 old asian men sitting on lawn chairs a block away and practically pushed us out of the van. It was quite the experience!!!! Fun, exciting and scary all at the same time!!!
Anyways, back to Josh we saw New York, spent a day in Washington D.C., played a few intense games of Ultimate Frisbee (WHICH JOSH ROCKS AT), slept in EVERYDAY, played Halo, and had some friends over for game night. Now I am going through Josh withdrawals and can't wait till I get some more family time. I have the best family in the world and I don't live close to any of them....BUMMER!!!!! Well at least we have our friends to hang out with....oh wait no we don't..they are all over the US too!!! We miss all you guys!

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Pogue Fam said...

I can't believe you got in the car!!! It looks like I am going to have to fly all the way over there and give you a safety lesson! .... but money is a problem so here... #1-don't talk to weird strangers and #2 DO NOT get into weird strangers vans without a strong man nearby to protect you! Ok... motherly instinct gone. I'm glad your ok.