Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I called my mom today to talk about the show Closer....have you seen it? When I was talking to her my nephew (5 years old) starts talking to my mom and I am just sitting there. So I asked my mom to deliver a message to Noah for me..... and it went something like this.....When Aunt Sarah is talking to Grandma Barbie you just need to zip it until she is done. So she told him and he was shocked that I would really say something like that, so he had to get on the phone himself and see if it was true? Little did I know this would strike up an hour long conversation with him. He has never talked to me for that long...maybe...20 minutes tops!!!!
We talked about his new "race car" and the race he was in that he won a trophy for getting first place. He told me about all the mods his car had...it could shoot bullets and had blades that came out the side for cutting things(but they were broken at the time). He then told me about the bad guy he had to race "X"!!!!! Now "X" had killed his personal driving instructor and he was worried that he would kill his new teacher so we came up with about 20 plans to rid the world of "X".Then much to my dismay Noah told me that "X" was on his way to my house and I had to hide. So I did...in the closet...and I had to whisper so he wouldn't find me. He then said "Do you remember how I told you Batman was my friend? Well I have his number and you should call him to come help you." Well as you can imagine this brought me great joy so I asked what the number was. And he told me "11" I ask if that is the whole number...."2"...is that the whole number....."34" I ask again is that the whole number and he says "Yes and tell him I said to bring the batmobile!" It was so hard for me not to laugh. So he tells me to call him back when I get off the phone with Batman....so I did and we talked for a few more minutes and he had to go to school. It was the best conversation ever. Man I love that kid!!

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Nat said...

thanks for visiting my blog sarah! i visit yours regularly. bill and i have not taken any photo classes, we just love our hobby. we have a pentax k 200d camera. love it. it is so fun to keep track of family members via a blog! have a great day!