Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Changed for the better...

Alright miss Laurie you got me thinking about
this....well I was already thinking about it
but when you got all cheesy on me and added
the wicked line on Facebook it made me really
want to post on the blog.
It's funny how the Lord plays things out in your life.
When we were told we were going to Georgia
I was not excited....I wasn't totally upset I was
just NOT EXCITED!!!! I figured I had better have
6 months worth of books handy because I would be
bored out of my mind. Well, I couldn't have been more wrong.
My life really has been changed for the better!!!!
Here I am sobbing like a baby sitting at the computer
doing everything I can to stall leaving Georgia. I have
come into towns and left them saying goodbye to new friends
wondering if I would ever see them again. Wondering if
I would have a reason big enough to go back. Cherishing the
memories I had made with them. Then we go along
our way and find a new life somewhere else.
I feel like I was sent here to Georgia for a reason....forget
the fact that Travis' work told us to head to the south.
I feel like there was a much greater power at work!!!
My last full week here I spent at Young Womens Camp. The
relationships that I formed with these Young Women
are PRICELESS!!!! Hearing the youth bear their testimonies
was...well....WOW!!! What spiritual giants in such tiny
little bodies. The Young Women in this ward are truly
amazing!!! They have helped to strengthen my
testimony through their example, their friendship and
bearing their own testimonies!!
I am so sad to be leaving the Young Women, but I
know I will have a lasting friendship with each
and everyone of them!!! I definitely have not just one
but many reasons to come back and visit Georgia. I
will miss your beautiful smiling faces!!! I was sent
here for a reason and now I have to leave for one.
Who knows what my next little adventure will bring.
Know that wherever I end up you are always in my heart and I will
be thinking of Georgia way more than I thought I would ;)
Although I am far away I am always here for you girls.
I am only a phone call, e-mail or Facebook message away.
I may not have all the answers, but I have 2 good ears for listening.
And I can always point you to one person that knows
exactly what you are going through and knows just
how to comfort you when you need it most. Stay strong in
the Gospel that you may one day find a worthy companion
to take you through the Temple. But, don't be in to much of
a rush to get there ;) Enjoy these years, make the most of them,
and do not make decisions lightly because even the smallest choices
you make now will mold you into the Women you will be in the future!!!
And don't forget little
Sister Shanequa Shenana Sarah Scary Owens!!!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

My Zumba Ladies!!!!!

While here in Georgia, I discovered
Zumba and I fell in love with it....
so much that I certified to teach it.
This is a group of ladies from my morning classes
that I go to ....Lupita, in the blue pants was my first
instructor and she is so fun and has the best Zumba class
around. She let's me teach a few songs in her class
to practice with my cueing!
I am really going to miss my Mon and Wed morning
classes....they are so much my little Zumba family.
I forget that I am working out because we just are
having a party the entire hour we are together.
This below is Jaunita...she is 61 and a hoot!!!
She is the best person to have in class...
she motivates everyone and loves everyone!!!
She can Zumba with the best of them....look out
Goodbye YMCA Zumba class....I will miss you greatly!!!

My 3 favorite girls....Laura, Lupita and Juanita!!!

( I have no idea who that little girl is....funny)


Travis and I found this healthy eating
cook book and one of the recipe's was
we were so excited to try it.....it looked and sounded
so good....veggie sushi with avacado mmmm!!!

It was not so good..... I couldn't get used to the
texture of the seaweed wrap, and the seasoning
that they had us use was to bitter too.

Travis is sticking with cereal from now on....
no more Sushi!!!
However, Sandy loved it....sorry to say
that we will not be making her Sushi for
dinner very often though....or ever!!!!

So goodbye Sushi...you were fun to make
and that's where our relationship ends.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A trip to the zoo

Travis and I went to the Columbia, SC zoo
and we met this guy....he was so friendly!!!
(alright maybe I had food for him)
On our way throught the botanical gardens.....

Just some of my faves of the animals....

Look at those teeth......