Thursday, August 21, 2008

In-laws with in-laws

Travis' sister Jenny and her family (Wes-hubby, Ethan-son and Mariah-baby) came to the east coast for an experience of a lifetime....Staying at our house, alright alright maybe it was to experience everything else in Maryland, New York and Virginia. We were also fortunate enough to have Jenny's Mother and Father-in-law stay with us too. During their few days here we were forced to go to DC 2 times and see the The National Museum of Natural History, Air and Spave Museum, Washington memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Capitol building, White house and Arlington cemetery. I know poor me right....yeah right I was in the zone. I not only have to talk Travis into seeing the sights but then I have to drag him there and we are lucky to be at each place (if I am lucky 2 places) for about 10 minutes each. He is a speed sight seer!!!!!

We also got to head to Virginia and play at Busch Gardens...That was a blast they have the best roller coaster I have ever been on....THE GRIFFON!!!! Phew that took a whole day 3 1/2 hours there, the park and the drive back home. Going south was not enough, we also headed north and after about $30 in tolls we made it to New York City, Wow...there is definitely not enough time in one day to see all of that city. While there we went to Ground zero, Central park, Time square, and we got to experience the subway...SCARY!!!! Travis and I even had our picture drawn by an artist in Central Park..
Yes that's right we did all of this in 4 days....then they headed to upstate New York to see some more sights. Travis and I went back to our normal...boring lives and Sandy (the dog) was happy to finally have her parents back. Well Paskett's it was a blast having you here and we hope to get you again one day. We miss you guys.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Indiana Surprise Comedy

My sister Feliscia called me one day and told me that my brother Josh, who lives in Las Vegas, was flying to Indiana to surprise my mom and dad. Feliscia set it up that all the family in Indiana would meet for some bowling at 7 Pm that evening, at which...Josh would walk in and SURPRISE!!! The morning josh was to fly into Chicago I got up at 3:30 in the morning and started the drive to Indiana. Feliscia had to work before going to pick up Josh at the airport and Jacob, my little bro, met Feliscia to pick him up. I called Feliscia's co-worker to set up a place to surprise them and Jamba juice was the target. I arrived at Jamba Juice before my family ordered my drink and went to the car to wait. Just as planned they arrived and went in to order a drink and I walked in behind to which they non chalantly say "hey Sarah" then it kicks in that I am not suppose to be there and the surprise was a hit. So we were off to pick up Josh at Midway airport. We pull over in the cell phone waiting lot and Jacob and I crawl into the trunk to surprise Josh. We pull up to pick him up and can't find the US Airways area....yup that's right we were at the wrong airport. Jacob and I crawl out of the trunk and we head to O'Hare. On the way a call had to be made to tell our parents that we were late and push back the meeting time an hour. This was no easy feat we could not tell them why, remember they had no idea Josh and I were in town, and my dad had to go to work at 4 in the mornin. But we finally convinced them. When we get close again Jacob and I crawl back into the trunk...big mistake, you see Jacob was a little gassy and I can tell you now, from experience, when someone farts in the trunk of a car....there is nowhere for the fumes to escape and it lingers for what seems like forever. Torture in the trunk!!!! We finally arrive and there is Josh he opens the trunk and we pop out SURPRISE. However Josh was not the only one we surprised...the security at the airport also was surprised...thankfully after we got out of the trunk and hugged Josh the look of horror turned to a smile and he walked away....PHEW!!!! We head to the bowling alley only to take a wrong exit and get stuck in Chicago traffic. Again we are going to be late for the second meeting time. We eventually find our way back and when my mom calls from the bowling alley we have to lie we "have a flat tire" and we will be 15 or 20 minutes late. We finally arrive at the bowling alley 35 minutes late and Feliscia and Jacob go in alone. Josh and I sneak around to a second door and wait a few minutes....Josh walks up and my dad sees him first and laughs and says " this is the big surprise" to which my mom looks right at Josh and says "what's the surprise" realizes that it's Josh and starts balling like a baby. Then I wait a few more minutes walk up behind her and give her a big hug to where she starts balling again. It was a blast. So we had to call my sister Savanah, the only one missing now. She was so upset that everyone was together except her that she decides to confide in me that she is going to buy a ticket and fly in to surprise Mom and Dad too. So she flies in late Saturday night and we surprise my Mom at church on Sunday. We drove seperate and my mom was already seated so Savanah walks up and says " excise me is anyone sitting here?" to which my mom starts balling yet another time. It was the best surprise in the world. We spent a very fun week together playing games and telling stories, laughing the entire time. Family is the best thing in the world.

Turn the clock back

Welcome to our blog...I can't believe we did it...let me catch you up...After being married for a short 6 months Travis decided (well I guessed I helped him) to sign on to the Airforce. In March of 06’ he went through Basic training for 2 ½ months while I lived with Peggy and Richard (the in-laws) in Idaho. Some of his family and I were able to go to his basic training graduation in San Antonio, TX and spend a much needed week with him, he then went on to California for a month before I was able to join him. Once settled in our own house and together again., we decided to have an addition to our family. So we bought a puppy…Sandy and boy did things change. Just like that we were parents…Potty training…teaching….time-out in the corner. But the end result was a great friend and companion to Travis and I. We spent about 16 months on the west coast , me a dental assistant and Travis doing his own thing. The first 9 months was pretty quiet and we kept to ourselves…then we met some wonderful people…You know who you are…we grew very close to our new friends only to have to say goodbye after a very short few months. To all of our friends made we miss you very much. Wouldn't you know it Travis was getting transferred ,we were moving again…unfortunately not together…again. Travis was off to Texas again this time for 4 months. I began my journey across the country making stops along the way. I spent a wonderful month with Travis’ family and the rest of the time in Indiana with my family. We were finally reunited again, on the east coast this time, after a very long 4 months of internet movie dates and endless phone conversations. Again our lives are back to normal we are settled and our small family is back together as it was. To all that we have met and spent time with…you have touched our lives in a way unimaginable. We will always remember you, hope to keep in touch ,and who knows maybe one day our lives will intertwine again.
Thank you for everything.