Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A trip to the Zoo

Alright so I know this is really late.....
but better late than never right?
While Ethan (our nephew) was here
we went to the zoo with my friend Kim and her kids.
So this is us at the zoo.

Ethan looking at the Panda's

Ethan lookin' all cool

Me lookin' all normal

Me lookin' all not so normal

The petting part of the zoo
Ethan and Sammy (kim's daughter)

Ethan and Sammy looking at the Lion

I just like this picture. I don't really like
to take pictures of the animals without people
in the picture....I just don't see a point in that. But
I was just goofing around and focused in on the
greenery and got the lioness in the background
and I think it's a cool picture........
what do you think?
am I just silly?

Could you imagine this big ol' claw coming at you.

Ethan having fun in the dinosaur

Happy 4th.....and 5th?

Well I went to my best friend Kim's
barbecue for the 4th of July.
She is always very crafty and festive for
the holidays....we were welcomed by these
lovely cupcakes!!! mmmmm....
There were a lot of cute little patriotic
kids at this barbecue too. friend Katherin's daughter

This is Kim and her cute little girl Corrina.
Kim was making this face because she
didn't want me to take her picture
and Corrina...well I don't know why
she made the exact same face....but
I LOVE IT!!!!!

Kim's other daughter Samantha
she enjoyed the cupcakes!!

Corrina definitely enjoyed the cupcakes,
well....what made it into her mouth. friend Katie's son.

We celebrated a little late at our house.
Our friends Scott and Christine came
over and we set off some of our own fireworks.

Ethan, Travis and Scott combining powers.

Travis running after he lit a firework.

The Delirium....our grand finale.

Keep those hands up...or...

We took our nephew Ethan to Busch Gardens.
And I really enjoy roller coasters but I am
scared at the same time!!!
But I will say that Busch Gardens was a

This is Travis and Ethan excited to be at the park

Just a big tree

This is teamwork.....Ethan pose for a picture
and Travis will sneak attack

Yes it worked.

Travis seems really pleased with himself.
Sorry Ethan

Takin the train to the other side of the park.

It was very warm that day so we had
to get some ice cream

I scream you scream

we all scream for ice cream

On the Road again.....

So it is sort of a tradition whenever
we go to Indiana to visit my family that
we eat out at Pizza Hut.
My family is really goofy and
loud...and just plain ol' fun no matter
where we are.
I was lucky enough to spend a day with
my family on the way home from Idaho.
And let's just say that one day is all you need
for dinner at Pizza Hut....

My sister Feliscia and her son Noah

Noah took this picture of me
Travis snuck his way into the picture too.

Our nephew got to drive across the country
with us and enjoy pizza with the Fernandez family

Jacob and his girlfriend Sarah

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

To Much....

To unpack.....
To blog about.....
To think about....
To do....and not enough time to do it.

Well A LOT has happened in the last month.
Travis and I drove 36 hours across the country
to spend a few weeks with his family.
Alright alright.....why drive? Well I wanted to drive so
we could take
SANDY......our dog!!!!
CRAZY, I know...
But it was worth it....she had a blast!

While in the Utah / Idaho area we got to

go to our newest nieces' baby blessing
be sealed in the SLC Temple.....WOO-HOO
go to an Owens family reunion
learn how to make bread
play a ton of games with the neices and nephews
get a double family in Pinnochle......crazy
and get sick.

So if you want to read about any of these
things or see the pictures please scroll down
and read on.....

there are quite a few posts
that I caught up on

A Pic-A-Nic

So Stacy my sister in law had this idea
to take all the kids to the park and have
a picnic. Let me just say....
Great idea Stacy!!!!
I had so much fun and can I just say, I
love my nieces and nephews!!!
Here are a ton of pics....
scroll on

Jenny , Sam and her mom Stephanie

Sam at the drinking fountain

Mariah at the fountain and
her mom Jenny helping

Mariah and Sam at the fountain
Kendon, Tanner, Ryan, Alexis, Ashton, Kaysen
and yours truly

Paige on the merry go round......
I'm getting sick just thinking about it

Ashton, Tanner, Kaysen and Kendon

Sam on the swing

Mixed Emotions

We were able to go to our newest nieces'
baby blessing while we were in Idaho.
Her mom (Sarah) and dad (Matt)
were able to bear their testimonies ....and
we got a shout out during the testimony.
Woo Woo
It was very special and exciting and I am
happy that we could be there for Kylie
(I don't know if I spelled that right)

Travis has been searching for his one true love
ever since we left Utah. He has been without
her and has been suffering, going through
withdrawals of her sweetness.
He has exhausted all options of finding
her and was hoping that since we were
going to be in Utah he could find her once again.

But his efforts remained unfruitful.
He will never be able to feel her cold sweat
in his hands again. And her one of a kind flavor
when his lips touched her mouth would be lost forever.
The way she made him feel will slowly fade away
until it's too hard to bring back those
wonderful precious memories.
So here's to you DNL....
may your memory live on forever.

You had better say yes.....

So on our 4th anniversary......
Travis and I celebrated by getting
SEALED in the
and he said yes!!!!
I was a little worried
but I tried not to let it show.
I had a pretty good back-up if he did say no.
I was already married to he would still
have to answer to me.....hehehe

But seriously....what an amazing thing
to know that I am blessed enough to spend
the eternities with the person on this earth
I love the most. Happy Anniversary Travis
I love you so much!!!!
You have got yourself one very
happy wife right now.

We got to have some of each of our families
with us in the Temple.
We also go to have some friends of ours
that we met and had to leave in California
that were able to make it to our sealing too.
Cole and Jaycee.....Thank you so much
it was so nice seeing you again
Adam and Amber....happy anniversary
and Thank you so much also....
I can't wait until we can see you guys
again, give your cute families big squeezes
for me regularly.
Tiniel....I am so happy I got to meet
you finally and one day we will
get to spend some more time together.

So Temple square was under construction
and nobody had a camera with them
so this is the only picture I have of our sealing day.
I will cherish it forever.

Thank you to everyone that was at
the sealing and I am so happy you are a
part of our memories on this
special day!!!

Up....up and away

I was invited to go on a hike to
Drainey peak....

Well that sounded fun !!!
I could get a little exercise ,
enjoy the beautiful mountains,
get some clean fresh air
and visit with my family on the way. is quite a hike!!!!
but sure was worth it.
I am pretty sure the hike is about
7.5 or 8 miles round trip.

On the way up the mountain there
is a natural spring where we fill our
water bottles.....Thanks Wes for
the lovely shot!!! :)

Travis calls this the widow's peak.

2 1/2 hours into the trip and we made
it to the top.....welcome to Drainey Peak

This is Sandy after the hike...she sure
did have a blast being in the mountains.
This is pretty much how she was at the
end of every day.