Wednesday, July 1, 2009

To Much....

To unpack.....
To blog about.....
To think about....
To do....and not enough time to do it.

Well A LOT has happened in the last month.
Travis and I drove 36 hours across the country
to spend a few weeks with his family.
Alright alright.....why drive? Well I wanted to drive so
we could take
SANDY......our dog!!!!
CRAZY, I know...
But it was worth it....she had a blast!

While in the Utah / Idaho area we got to

go to our newest nieces' baby blessing
be sealed in the SLC Temple.....WOO-HOO
go to an Owens family reunion
learn how to make bread
play a ton of games with the neices and nephews
get a double family in Pinnochle......crazy
and get sick.

So if you want to read about any of these
things or see the pictures please scroll down
and read on.....

there are quite a few posts
that I caught up on

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'T' said...

OH the sadness upon not being able to attend Diamond Creek to spend more time with you. We were slammed with every sickness you could imagine! I also am feeling badly that I didn't snap pictures for you at the temple... I wish I would have read the Owen's web site before. So sorry... love ya ootles and CONGRATS again. xxoo TINIEL