Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Up....up and away

I was invited to go on a hike to
Drainey peak....

Well that sounded fun !!!
I could get a little exercise ,
enjoy the beautiful mountains,
get some clean fresh air
and visit with my family on the way. is quite a hike!!!!
but sure was worth it.
I am pretty sure the hike is about
7.5 or 8 miles round trip.

On the way up the mountain there
is a natural spring where we fill our
water bottles.....Thanks Wes for
the lovely shot!!! :)

Travis calls this the widow's peak.

2 1/2 hours into the trip and we made
it to the top.....welcome to Drainey Peak

This is Sandy after the hike...she sure
did have a blast being in the mountains.
This is pretty much how she was at the
end of every day.

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