Saturday, October 4, 2008

I was never good at tag...

First of all Megan....I think you tagged the only seven people I know that have blogs. Second...i am not good at figuring things out on the computer, so the people I tagged are not linked....oops now I know Travis would want me to tell you how stubborn I am but I won't...hehehe Some of these things you may already goes nothin...

1. I think I am a hypochondriac!!! It's true...I always have something wrong with me. Just ask Travis...I am constantly asking him to feel my forehead, look at my throat and check my bumps...but it doesn't end there. I always think there is something wrong with our dog too. I would probably always think there is something wrong with Travis too.....but he is never sick!!!! Bah...that would be the life... to never be sick.

2. I have a photographic memory. Even when I am not intentionally looking for something...if I just see it in passing, I will remember where it was. This comes in VERY handy being married to Travis. He NEVER remembers where he puts anything. He is constantly asking me where his wallet, the car keys and pieces of his uniform are. 99% of the time...I will tell him exactly where they are....on the coffee table next to the laptop under the newspaper. Should I ever lose my memory...we may be in some trouble.

3. I love organizing....making sure everything has a place. Hey, maybe we won't be in trouble...I just need to remember the place, actually we would be in trouble because Travis does not share in my exceeding joy that everything should have a place. There is just something about having movies or books alphabetized, an updated filing cabinet, and a closet in order by length of the sleeves that brings me great joy.

4. I love entertaining...I get this from my mother. Travis hates this about me. Why does he hate this?...well let me tell you...I will spend the entire day cooking, planning, and perfecting my house. That is just the beginning, I will ask people to bring snacks and still I will make at least 5 things myself, get 5 different kinds of drinks, get toys for the kids, invite more than I can fit in my house and still want to do this every weekend. I just love having company over.

5. I hate working out at home. I LOVE going to a good step aerobics class or playing some ultimate frisbee,even hitting the racquetball court with Travis, but I hate working out at home alone BORING, and I will not work out in from of Travis. I don't know what it is...but I don't want him to ever see me do a sit-up or push-up. I just feel silly if he is there...Now if I had a friend come over...I would work out everyday with her...but I am not so lucky. I know...I am silly

6. I love music...but I am horrible at remembering lyrics and who sings the song. Yep....I have a great photographic memory but I am awful at remembering peoples names and dates and anything that is said or written. So I often mess up the lyrics and occasionally put some of my very own in there. I also love to tease Travis and sing a love song to him....completely off key while keeping a straight face.

7. I love taking pictures. Well, I am not very good at this when it is just me and Travis...mostly because we don't really go anywhere or do anything. But when we do I will take at least 150 pictures and that's only if we are there a few days. I will hit the 300's if we are there a week!!! I just love capturing memories. I would love to have career in photography one day. But I really have no idea what I am doing...just point and shoot and shoot and shoot and shoot...

So now you know all my weird quirks....let's hear some of yours...

Tasha and

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Two Sarah's don't make a right

This last weekend my friends Glenn and Sarah were coming up to our house on Sunday, from Virginia. During church I had noticed that I missed a call from Sarah. I didn't even look at the number and just hit send 2 times to call her back. She didn't answer and I left a message that went something like this.

" Hey pregnant Sarah it's not pregnant Sarah. I missed your call and now you have missed mine, So call me back and maybe I won't miss it. "

Well about 5 minutes went by and my phone rang, I saw Sarah's name and answered. Well she sounded different and I was confused...that's because it was Travis' sister Sarah in Utah. I was so embarrased... I started do I get out of this one...then she proceeds to tell me that she has scheduled an ultrasound date to discover the sex of her baby. PHEW......I was off the hook...I was so panicked, that I forgot she was pregnant, so my voicemail that I left for the wrong Sarah worked!!! I continued talking to her as if nothing happened at all.
This only worked for a few minutes because Travis and Savanah (my sister) were in the car with me when I called Sarah Kowallis (or so I thought) and left the message. So when I mentioned Travis sisters kids, Travis started going off in the background "oh your on the phone with that Sarah...I thought you were talking to the other Sarah" Well of course Sarah heard him and I had to explain what happened.... Yes I was busted. It was pretty funny the whole thing and I am sorry if this whole entry just confused you but it gave all of us a good laugh.