Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Two Sarah's don't make a right

This last weekend my friends Glenn and Sarah were coming up to our house on Sunday, from Virginia. During church I had noticed that I missed a call from Sarah. I didn't even look at the number and just hit send 2 times to call her back. She didn't answer and I left a message that went something like this.

" Hey pregnant Sarah it's not pregnant Sarah. I missed your call and now you have missed mine, So call me back and maybe I won't miss it. "

Well about 5 minutes went by and my phone rang, I saw Sarah's name and answered. Well she sounded different and I was confused...that's because it was Travis' sister Sarah in Utah. I was so embarrased... I started do I get out of this one...then she proceeds to tell me that she has scheduled an ultrasound date to discover the sex of her baby. PHEW......I was off the hook...I was so panicked, that I forgot she was pregnant, so my voicemail that I left for the wrong Sarah worked!!! I continued talking to her as if nothing happened at all.
This only worked for a few minutes because Travis and Savanah (my sister) were in the car with me when I called Sarah Kowallis (or so I thought) and left the message. So when I mentioned Travis sisters kids, Travis started going off in the background "oh your on the phone with that Sarah...I thought you were talking to the other Sarah" Well of course Sarah heard him and I had to explain what happened.... Yes I was busted. It was pretty funny the whole thing and I am sorry if this whole entry just confused you but it gave all of us a good laugh.


Nat said...

so when is utah sarah due?!!

Tiniel said...

Sarah is a beautiful name, our daughter Andrea had several dolls named Sarah when she was an itty-bitty tot. :) Tiniel

Pogue Fam said...

haha, you know too many sarahs, sarah.... lol :) Um... when you gonna come visit?! Hope you are having a fantastic week!

Pogue Fam said...

I'm tagging you! Check out my blog for instructions... cya!