Saturday, February 21, 2009

They many joys of aunthood.....

These are some of the BEST kids in the WOrld....
This is for all of my nieces and nephews I have been missing so much!!!
I can't wait to see all of you again.

Me and Noah snuggling to a movie...
man I love these kind of moments!!!

Look at that tight were those
rubber bands Jenny?
Poor Mariah

Ethan with his new baby sister......
He is such a good big brother!!!!

Kaysen and those are some handsome boys

Fun in the sun camping....
Alexis, Paige and Ryan

My awesome nephew Ethan....we were doing some
whale watching off the Monterey Bay

To cool for school....

My oh so cute niece...

Kendon wants to be a cowboy and he would dress
like this everyday if he I just had to capture this
with my we had a fun little photo shoot

Want any cheese with that HAM
Ashton and Travis

Chipmunk cheeks with cherry tomatoes....
Noah (with his favorite aunt)

Best friends and sweet!!!!!
Paige and Kendon

There is no better place than on Grandpa's lap...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Not you too.....

Shelby....Travis' cousins (Kyle) wife was on the east coast visiting
her family and was kind enough to extend an invite to dinner at
her parent's house. It took a little convincing to get Travis out of the
house as usual....but he agreed and we were on our way.

Now when we arrived we were welcomed with warm hugs
and sincere introductions and then the unthinkable happened.....
Travis was not prepared for this and never saw it coming.......
they gave us a gift.......
Now you may be thinking what a nice gesture...or.....
Why the movie Ever After?.....or
Why would Travis not be prepared for this?.....

Well this is how he felt about it

His cousin Kyle knew this about Travis and made sure that the gift
was offered to us when we arrived. Other than this little incident,
Shelby's family was AWESOME and we had a wonderful visit with them.
And.....I think I found a new traveling partner.....because we all
know Travis does not ever want to go anywhere......So I will be
calling you Jackie. Thanks for the great visit....well except for the incident.

Is it really worth it.....

So on Valentine's Day I decided to make some of my cousin
Tiniel's (SHOUTOUT) soft Sugar Cookies.....which were delicious!!!!!
And as usual Sandy was at my feet in the kitchen while I was
rolling out the dough and sprinkling flour on the counter and.....well
let's just say it was messy!!! I look down at my lovely dog
and this is what I found.....what a good little helper I have. It
almost looked like she had done all the work....she was more dirty than me.

So the time has come.....the season of SHEDDING!!!!!
Sandy needed a bath so I head upstairs and get ready....
Now you may be asking yourself....Sarah, what do you need
to get ready for?
Just Scroll down...............

no problems so far.....

Don't let that cute little innocent look fool you....

Alright this is how I feel about the next pictures.....

This is the bathtub after I had already cleaned out the drain
several times so the water had somewhere to go.......


I just don't know if it is worth it to save $30.00 to groom her myself.....
now you know why I had to prepare.....I was armed with about 5 towels,
1 bag of treats, blow dryer, grocery bag (for hair), brush, and the
camera so you all can be warned about dogs with long hair......but she
is totally worth having!!!!! We just need to take her to get a bath somewhere else!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things

Alright I have been feeling kinda bad that the last 5 or 6 posts don't have Travis in this one is all about Travis......Here are some of my favorite pictures of him. I love you so much Travis and I am so happy that we found eachother.

Look at this handsome man....he could be a model !!!!

This is why I love my husband....he is always making me laugh. This
is us goofing around with our nephew while playing a game.

This is halloween our second year dating....isn't
she one good looking dame.

All the love from his family!!! Brother Korey and niece Mariah.

I don't even know if I can explain this's his family
at their annual camping trip....we have a lot of fun!!!!!

This is Travis in his element....if he could do this everyday he
would be happy. He loves dirtbiking!!!!!!

Oui oui, Monsieur!! Oh if that doesn't make you smile....

Travis was playing hide and seek with his nieces and took
them a while to figure out where he was.

He tried to shave his head then called me in to finish....this is what I found