Wednesday, July 1, 2009

You had better say yes.....

So on our 4th anniversary......
Travis and I celebrated by getting
SEALED in the
and he said yes!!!!
I was a little worried
but I tried not to let it show.
I had a pretty good back-up if he did say no.
I was already married to he would still
have to answer to me.....hehehe

But seriously....what an amazing thing
to know that I am blessed enough to spend
the eternities with the person on this earth
I love the most. Happy Anniversary Travis
I love you so much!!!!
You have got yourself one very
happy wife right now.

We got to have some of each of our families
with us in the Temple.
We also go to have some friends of ours
that we met and had to leave in California
that were able to make it to our sealing too.
Cole and Jaycee.....Thank you so much
it was so nice seeing you again
Adam and Amber....happy anniversary
and Thank you so much also....
I can't wait until we can see you guys
again, give your cute families big squeezes
for me regularly.
Tiniel....I am so happy I got to meet
you finally and one day we will
get to spend some more time together.

So Temple square was under construction
and nobody had a camera with them
so this is the only picture I have of our sealing day.
I will cherish it forever.

Thank you to everyone that was at
the sealing and I am so happy you are a
part of our memories on this
special day!!!


cole'njacee said...

i love your trip, especially camping pictures! how fun, and cole feels the same way about drew, he won't watch the movies she's in ;), ok maybe he will on my insistence, but he doesn't enjoy it by any means....travis, love your humor, you guys are the greatest!

Pogue Fam said...

OOOK, so I missed this post forever ago I guess, and when I was in SLC for my brothers wedding Amber reminded me that you guys had been sealed and I felt like such a dummy.... CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! I am SO happy for you guys :) And I read above that you are PREGNANT!!! I think I will just have to call you :)