Monday, June 7, 2010

My Zumba Ladies!!!!!

While here in Georgia, I discovered
Zumba and I fell in love with it....
so much that I certified to teach it.
This is a group of ladies from my morning classes
that I go to ....Lupita, in the blue pants was my first
instructor and she is so fun and has the best Zumba class
around. She let's me teach a few songs in her class
to practice with my cueing!
I am really going to miss my Mon and Wed morning
classes....they are so much my little Zumba family.
I forget that I am working out because we just are
having a party the entire hour we are together.
This below is Jaunita...she is 61 and a hoot!!!
She is the best person to have in class...
she motivates everyone and loves everyone!!!
She can Zumba with the best of them....look out
Goodbye YMCA Zumba class....I will miss you greatly!!!

My 3 favorite girls....Laura, Lupita and Juanita!!!

( I have no idea who that little girl is....funny)

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