Sunday, August 30, 2009

And the truth shall set you free....

I got you good didn't I.....well I know I am so cruel.
But, here is the truth of it all.

Alright now to get down to business....
Yes I did lose my camera but then
I found it again and Travis was so happy
he didn't have to buy me a new one.

And yes our fridge was about to die....
it just wasn't keeping things cold. But my lovely
Handy Andy fixed it and now it's like we
have a new fridge.
He's so good.

because of my laziness in posting....the top two things that
were true are now at this point 4 things were lies.

We did wire our house with ethernet....which was
a pretty big job. But we love the fast connection we have now.

We also painted our basement....and once I get around
to doing a few touch up spots...I can show you some pictures.

No Travis and I are not pregnant. Sorry I know that
was one a lot of people were hoping to be true. :(

We are moving to Georgia for 6 months. Travis will head
out in December and I will leave shortly after that.

Travis did start playing football....and he loves it.

Yes....I got a new calling in church as the 2nd counselor
in the Young Women's program.

No Travis' car did not break down....sometimes
we think it might....but it still keeps going.

and yes I do babysit through the week
Mon-Fri....and I love it.


The Wassink Family said...

man! you got me good! i so thought you were pregnant! lol. I'm sad you guys will be leaving for 6 months! Georgia is nice though, and i'm sure you'll have fun!

Joe said...

You are too funny! Way to lead everyone on!

Joe said...

Just realized I'm signed in under Joe. -Katherine

'T' said...

oh YW's will be so fun! i miss all of your comments on my blog :)

cole'njacee said...

i love your humor! i have yet to be in ym and think it would be one of the funnest - yes i said funnest- callings. what will you do with your house while you're gone? BTW, we're moving to florida in Feb, next state over ;)

Kaelee said...

Hey, we're going to be in DC tomorrow! We're driving up from NC and staying for a couple days. You guys know any thing we just HAVE to do, besides the usual touristy stuff?