Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A little bit of disc golf

My family loves a good game!!!
.....of pretty much any kind.....
So we went to the disc golf
course in Baltimore.
Look at that pretty lady,
you would never guess just how
deadly she is on the course.
She has a special and unique talent
of getting that darn disc to roll
just where she wants it to.
Daniel, setting up for the shot.
I don't really know what I am doing here.
Alright, this one I can tell just
what is going on....this must be my
hole in one shot!!! ;)
I am so sad that I didn't capture the
shot when my dad fell right on his fanny!!!
Talk about putting eveything you have
into your shots...
Here you see the rarely used flamingo
stance.....just after the release of the disc.

Who knew monkeys could play...
wait a minute that's just Travis
in the tree fetching his disc.
Shot of the day.....other than dad
falling over!!
Josh sure does pull out
the old school disc golf moves....
here we see the puffer fish throw.
Just look at the form in those
cheeks....well done Josh!!!

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