Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Day

So normally we would have our family
celebration in the morning and then
head to Knox to hang with my mom's family.
But my dad had to work.
So my mom and I had some extra time
and we decided to head up north
and discovered that NOTHING
is open on Christmas day.
We thought for sure that Walmart would be open...
but we were wrong!!!
Luckily Panda Express was open so we didn't starve
during our little Christmas day drive.

Here are just some pics of my mom's side of the family.
Josh and Gracie

me and Grandma Sadie

Tiffany, Grandma and Savanah

Savanah, Gracie and Katie

Aunt Jeanette and my mom
(aren't they just two beautiful sisters!!!!)

just plain ol me

Amelia and her mom Tiffany

1 comment:

Joe, Katherine, Austin, Annika said...

Oh what fun! I wish you were still here. You are missed. How is Georgia treating you?