Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Eve

And this beautiful woman has been the
sticky tape that holds all these crazy people together.
Every year we have little performances.
and Grandma Fernandez cannot get
enough of the singing!!!!!
This year we did it a little different.
My cousin David wrote a little script
that had some Christmas songs incorporated
into it and we dedicated it to Grandma.
I think she was a little lost but we got
the seal of approval when she said we
could move on to the presents.

There are a LOT of pictures so enjoy
my crazy awesome family!!!

Grandma Fernandez

My dad and Uncle sam teasing Grandma about
their presents similarities...

Larry Joe, Uncle Sam and Dad

No that's not my dad....it's Daniel
my brother in law
he's a poser...and a good one too!!!

David and Mary kssing under the missletoe
behind Gigi

Rachel and Savanah

Jake and Feliscia


me and my Uncle Sam

Rachel and David

Me and Auntie Narcie

the skit....
Savanah, Feliscia and me

the cutest reindeer around!!!

Uncle Larry and me

Josh, Jacob and Grandma

Josh and Jake

me and Grandma

My mom and Gigi....my cousins little girl

me, Rachel and Feliscia

Gigi and Grandma

The papa and his Mama

the saddest little reindeer

Tha Gang....
well some of them

Gigi and Josh

This hat is contagious...
whoever puts it on is destined to be
gloom and doom
even a cookie can't cheer him up


Just me

me and little brother Jake

Mary, Rachel and Savanah

larry Joe and Jennie
(parents to Gigi)

Dad and Auntie Narcie (his sister)

contagious....doom and gloom
poor Josh

yeah pink sweats from Grandma!!!


Savanah and Grandma

David and his oh so cute baby Charlotte

me and Feliscia

that's what happens when you take
Auntie Narcie's seat....

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