Tuesday, February 16, 2010

He does pay attention

I often accuse Travis of not listening to me.
Boy did he prove me wrong!!!
A while ago we were out to eat at Cracker Barrel....
(which was our first time).
They told us it would be a 15 minute wait
which was just silly because we could see
like 15 open tables.
I am pretty sure they just wanted us to
browse their shop and buy something.
Well I didn't know that it worked....I saw these
two wallets and I loved them I showed
them to Travis and then they called our name
so we went and ate.
I woke up Valentines Day morning
(which we called Normal Sunday)
and he got me the 2 wallets and bracelet
along with flowers!!!!
Man I am so lucky I have such a thoughtful
husband. I know he loves me and listens
to me even though I tease him all the time.
I am so lucky to have found him
and that he picked me because he could
have had anyone.

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'T' said...

good job husband... excellent photos.