Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A little disc

One thing we love about Georgia.....
is that there are about 4 Disc Golf courses
within 30 minutes of our place.
We try and get out about once a week
to play a round of golf......
yup...that's Travis in the trees......not
a very good way to start.
But, he's good enough that even with this
bad throw he will beat me.... :(
Getting his par shot....look at that form.
Come on hole in one....yeah right.
Sandy loves when we go to the course....it's at least
an hour and half of play time for her.
and....of course we have to bring her frisbee too.
Sometimes....we get a little crazy with our throws
and have to set out an an adventure to get them back

We saw this large woodpecker while
we were out one time and I had to snap a few pics.
I was about 10 feet away....pretty cool!!
If you haven't tried disc golf.....it's a lot of fun.
You should see if there are any courses near you.
You will need to get a disc made just for disc golf.
They have putters, drivers.....many varieties just for
this game..fun fun fun!!!

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