Thursday, April 30, 2009

The worst blogger!!!!

Alright so.....a long long time ago...I can still remember, I went to Indiana and my little sister got sealed in the Chicago, IL temple. I arrived in Indiana a week and a half before the wedding to help my mom with all of the decorating and shopping and cooking and everything else that goes along with getting ready for a wedding.

The first day I was there this is what I cute is he. This is my nephew
Noah and his school was having cowboy and cowgirl day. It was so good to be reunited with my little buddy is so hard being away from all of our families!!

Noah is my little helper....I can get that kid to help out with anything I want...I
had better be careful with that. We painted about 7 HUGE tree branches white to place around the gymnasium for the wedding and we had 2 teams painting and we
raced to see who could get done first. This was probably the messiest way we could have done this but it was fun anyway.

Now, Savanah couldn't have gone the easy way out and just set up tables no....she had us slaving away(but she is totally worth it) for 3, yes 3 days setting up the gym at the church. We had to call in all the reinforcements.....I think we had about 10 -15 people helping each of the days, and it was still cutting it close. We hung wire across the ceiling to drape fabric and My brother Josh (who really tweaked his backpretty bad) and cousin Tiffany and
Aunt lisa and mom and Aunt Sandy...well you get the picture they got it done.

These were the tiniest helpers we had there that day....and boy were they good helpers. they kept their cousin Sarah very busy and out of the way of all the workers... :)
Dirk and Amelia

I just had to get a picture of my Mom's make shift make-up bib so it didn't get on her dress
she is pretty creative in a pinch.

This is the ceiling of the gymnasium at the end of the first day

This is what the side walls of the Gym looked like, and the tables are partially set up.

Alright now to the god stuff.....I will have more pictures of the bride and groom later.
But let me just tell you a little about the sealing and reception.
So Savanah flew in from Utah on Thursday evening before the sealing on Saturday.
Daniel was supposed to fly in on Friday night before the sealing because he had a test that afternoon. Well as he was pulling up to the airport in Utah he got pulled over and his friend was driving, so Daniel thought I am just going to run in so I can catch my flight. Well the officer had other plans and pulled his gun on Daniel. So needless to say Daniel missed his flight. There was no flight in the morning that would get him to Chicago on time for his sealing so , Daniel had to fly to New York to catch an early enough flight to Chicago.
Well he made it to the Temple in time for the sealing which was delayed an hour.
During the ceremony my dad got to be a witness and the Sealer accidentally called him Brother Ferguson (Fernandez) and he kept calling Savanah, Susanah. But they were sealed and the ceremony was beautiful.

Now the reception was amazing we had a huge buffet of Mexican food, dancing, mingling and loads of fun. But still the DJ kept calling Daniel, David and kept saying that they were the Fernandez's instead of the Rodriguez's. All in all it was a visit filled with tears, laughter, near disaster, and a whole lot of love.


Joe, Katherine, Austin, Annika said...

You guys did an amazing job decorating. As for the sealing, when my dad got remarried and was almost 70 and his new wife one year older then him, the sealer kept telling them to procreate and replenish the earth. I think they are easily thrown off.

Pogue Fam said...

so fun! And what a story you will all always remember :) Weddings are always so chaotic! I remember at ours Lee had a surprise limo coming for us, so as soon as people started talking about it, he rushed us out so they wouldn't tell me about it and forgot to announce that we were leaving hahaha. I want to see pictures of the bride and groom!

Jenkins' Family said...

How fun! You guys sure put a lot of work into the decorating, it looks...looked? amazing. Are you guys still on for June 11?
PS Kael is using the that how you spell it? maybe I'll just call it a glove, anyway it's the one you guys gave him what, 2 yrs ago, thanks again!!!

Shawn and Megan Atwood said...

That is such a cool idea with the fabric! Love the decorations. I'm glad you were able to see your family, and enjoy all the chaos weddings can bring:)