Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Last Saturday....I was able to go the Washington D.C. Temple
with my two best friends Kim and Erin.
We three have been through a lot together in a very short time.
We have laughed till we cried, leaned on one another for support,
and given to many hugs to count. Times have not been easy for our
little group of three, but together we have seen the light and made it
through the storm.
Erin had the honor of doing a session for her Grandmother....which
was an amazing experience. There wasn't a dry eye between
the three of us. Kim who is amazing at her geneology work, had several
names and I was able to do a session for her distant relative. It was an amazing
experience to share with these two women whom I have grown to love so much.
After our session we found a quiet place on the temple grounds and Kim
shared her blessing with us. She had been praying about it and just felt that
with everything that we had all gone through together it was something that
needed to be done. It was a beautiful moment and we were
all in tears by the end.....the spirit was so strong on that
tiny little bench that held us so close togeher.

I just wanted to tell Kim.....I love you like you are my Sister !!!!!!! I love your
cute little family like they are my own and I am honored that
you shared your blessing with me. I will always be here for you!!!!!
I am so happy the Lord has placed you into my life.

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