Monday, May 11, 2009

Grandparents Day...

Special Friends Day

Sammy's school had Grandparents and special friends day
I had the privilege of being her special friend that day.
I took her to school that morning and went and took a seat in the gym
after having some deliscious refreshments all of the grades
K-5th grade performed musical numbers and dances for us.

When all of the music and dancing was done I got to see Sammy's class and
a little of what her day is like. They had a photographer there to take
pictures with you special friend or grandchild, and a bookfair.
Thanks again Sammy for sharing your day at school with me.
I had a blast.

We got our serious shot out of the way

But we couldn't just leave it at that....we had to have some fun with the camera.
This is a magnet that I have on our fridge.

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'T' said...

too too cute and fun!