Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Problem solved

I found a great designer......he has innovative ideas
and he really listens to your wants and needs.
Takes your feelings into consideration and is surprisingly
really great at what he does.



We were at the house late last night after moving the bedroom
set over. We spent what felt like hours trying to
arrange the bed and dresser to make them work
in the tiny space we have.

after many moves, yawns and ankle sprains (just one of these)
Travis had this brillaint idea to build a raised bed frame and
put our long dresser at the foot of the bed so the tops
at the same height. So we rearranged the room again
to see how it would look.


I had no idea Travis had it in him.

Oh yeah....and we fixed the doorknob problem we were having too.
We found a really nice brushed nickel knob that I will post a picture of just
so you can see what we have.

Owens family signing out....
(So we can get some things done around here)


Pogue Fam said...

It's so fun to hear you talk about all of this :) I don't like to talk about it on my blog too much cuz I think I have worn people out on it... but it is SO MUCH FUN TO HAVE YOUR OWN HOUSE!!!!! I need to call you so we can chat! And tell Travis good job. Lee usually doesn't think my ideas are that great until we actually do them and then he's like "hey, that actually looks REALLY good." Its about time we trust the ones who know.

Nat said...

I can't wait to see pictures! Good for Travis the Designer. My husband has good ideas like that too. Isn't it great to have such talented guys around?

cole'njacee said...

We always knew there was a hidden side to that Travis boy :) I think it's the engineer-lego side of men that appears and isn't too bad half the time!