Thursday, May 7, 2009

These are not my kids.....

But I sure do love them like they are least I think I do.
Can I really say that since I have never had any do I know.
Well if I can imagine loving my children more than these kids....WOW
that's a lot of love.

I have always loved being around kids.....ALWAYS!!!!
You never know what to expect, they are so h
onest, they
keep you on your toes, they are so cu
ddly and want to make you happy,
and on top of all that....THEY ARE THE CUTEST STI
(except for Travis that is)

Here in Maryland there are a few kids that have grown very special to me.....
I see these kids at least 3 or 4 times a week for several hours
and I love them so much!

First we have Corrina....oh what can I say about Corrina
She is gorgeous in the cutest way possible
She loves to get into everything
She just turned 2
She is very stubborn
She says thank you before you give her anything (instead of please)

Samantha is Corrina's big sister and I don't have a lot of pictures
of her because when we are all usually together.....Samantha is in school.
Sammy loves to read
she loves loves LOVES LOVES LOVES animals
and yet she is afraid of the new kitten they have :)
She loves making up stories and plays
she has the most gorgeous eyelashes ever
Now Baby Ezekial or as we call him......Mr.Bigs
is the best baby around....he is always smiling
he rarely ever cries
he loves loves LOVES LOVES food
(we took this plate away from him...of course and he threw a fit)
And now my little man Gabriel.....
He gave me a singing rose on Valentines day
he used to call me his girlfriend....until Sammy came along
he is really into paper airplanes right now....but his interests change weekly
he calls himself Captain Underpants and runs around in his skibbies :)

Well there is one more and her name is Annika....unfortunately I don't have any good
pictures of her because my camera can be tempermental.....ergh
Annika is another beautiful little girl that is always smiling
she has beautiful blue eyes
she is a total daddies girl
she knows more sign language than most adults
and she is a bundle of energy

Now you know all of my kids....well kinda my kids.
I love them like they are my kids....or at least I think I do...
well you know what I mean.


'T' said...

what a cute group of kids!

that temple looks amazing!

it's so great to have close girlfriends...

the decor for the wedding was beautiful... i love the ceiling covering...

are you looking forward to june 11?! i'm so excited for you two.

Pogue Fam said...

What cuties! Aren't kids amazing? You are going to be a spectacular mommy some day :)