Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I have been inspired

To live a healthier lifestyle......


at least right now....but I am sticking to my guns!!!! Travis and I
have been exercising everyday for the past couple of weeks
and I hate Hate HATE
working out!!!! Now I love when we play some pick-up
Ultimate frisbee, racquetball, volleyball, soccer and football
(even though I am horrible at those last two). That to me is
a fun way to workout. But going to the gym... BORING!!!

Despite my hate for gyms I have been going willingly and happily to the gym with Travis.
I have tried running on the treadmill and my knees ache when I am done.
So I thought I would try the eliptical.....and other than the
fact that my feet go is so much better on my knees.
I have never been one to run....unless it's after a frisbee or softball.
But I am really proud of myself because even though I hate running
and I have no will power to continue working out after about
5 minutes.....I keep going. I started of with 25 minutes on the eliptical
which wasn't really a problem, however I could hardly finish out
2 miles in that 25 minutes. Now I am up to 3.25 miles after 25 minutes
and I have not given up one time.

I am just really proud of myself for not giving up.


Joe, Katherine, Austin, Annika said...

You are awesome!!! Way to go, Sarah!!! I guess I need to get motivated.

The Wassink Family said...

that's awesome... i wish i could get motivated but i hate exercising so much! Jon always tries to get me to do stuff with him but i'm too lazy...

Amy said...

I need to get doing some exercise too!! Way to keep going! I did two weeks of workout videos and now I have stopped. :( Man I need to get into shape!

'T' said...

Exercise for me is one of those dreaded thing I'm ALWAYS so happy I did! The new house is beautiful, what a neat thing!

Pogue Fam said...

Good for you :) I think I'm going to try getting into Zumba... we will see how I do. It is easy to quit isn't it?

Shawn and Megan Atwood said...

Great job, I am trying to be motivated too, it gets hard. My feet go numb on the elliptical too, too funny! After I am done, I feel like both of my feet are asleep:) BTW, your house is amazing! I am way excited for you. We are so tired of renting, and ready to buy.