Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's a bird....It's a plane.......

No it's just Sarah on the roof of her house


Yes, I am not a fan of heights and we had
some repairs to do on the roof.
So Travis told me he would need me to get on the roof
and hold the ladder while he got to the higher
roof. Well I was pretty nervous about it even
while we were talking about it. But I
thought I would be brave and if Travis needed me
I would be there for him. So I started climbing right
up that ladder.....
however when I got to the part where I actually had
to get off the ladder and climb on the roof....
I froze and started crying. Travis talked me
through it and I made it on the roof.

After being on the roof for about 10 minutes I
realized the bedroom window on the second floor
is only 3 feet above the roof and I didn't even
have to climb the ladder. So I made Travis
get down from the roof when he was done
and let me in the window.....because the scariest
part for me would have been getting down.

So I survived the roof!!!!!!


but let's not do that anymore.
Travis tried to say that maybe he wanted to
replace the roof himself and i said would that
mean I had to get up there and help?
He said yes
and I said let's pay someone else to do it.


Joe, Katherine, Austin, Annika said...

The many joys of home improvement.

Pogue Fam said...

Haha, I'm with you on that one. I don't need a broken leg, arm... or anything else for that matter. Glad you are safe!

Jenkins' Family said...

Hey...if you read this, give us a call, we want details for next week, can't wait!

Jeremy and Marie said...

Congrats on the new home! Love the new layout of your blog. It's probably not that new, but havn't done a lot of blog surfing lately. How's the exercising coming along? Your posts are very entertaining, you've got a funny sense of humor. :)

Kaelee said...

It's been a while for me so sorry I haven't congratulated you on your new house! That's so exciting, I'm quite jealous. And also congratulations on making it off the roof in one piece!

Kera said...

ok, i'm so mad svan never called me to tell me when and where your sealing was going to be. I'm so sorry and I hope you had a wonderful experience!!!