Monday, January 9, 2012

It's almost time

Just a little preview of the pics
that my GREAT FRIEND Anne took.
Crazy to think that in 2 weeks (or less, or more)
we will actually have a baby in our house.
And not just any baby.....our baby. WHOA!!!
So excited for our new arrival!!! Trying to
make sure we have everything ready,
clean, packed, set-up, and mapped out.
Now that I am done working hopefully
I will have more time to keep updated on my
blogging!!! We will see how that goes....
with a new baby and all. Hopefully it
won't take to long for me to figure out some
kind of a routine. I will keep you posted.
Miss all of you and even though I am horrible
at blogging I check all of your blogs quite regularly
so keep up the good work ;)


'T' said...

I'm so thrilled for you guys. Best of luck bringing your sweet baby here. Love, Tiniel

JaCee said...

Ok, I'm irritated I haven't seen you since we moved here, and you moved back. Gosh, your belly is cute! Scooch over Sandy...

Pogue Fam said...

Oh my gosh, I SOOOOO wanna see more pictures! I am so in love with this one! I have been thinking about you the past few weeks wondering how close you were and OH MY how the time flew... (for me at least ;) ) SO excited for you guys! Call me if you find some free time to chat :D

Ceg21me said...

OMG...You look GREAT! I'm so happy for ya. You have been heavy on my mind for a couple months now. When I went back to Ballys to see about Zumba classes (which I am so missing), they told me you had already had your baby. This was back in November. I told them their months were waay wrong!
Glad to see your doing and looking great. Would love to hear from you when you got a minute.

Elizabeth said...

can't wait until you post photos! congrats!