Friday, January 9, 2009

Fun at the Movies

So every time I go home to Indiana I take Cheyenne, a flower girl from my wedding, and Noah, my nephew, to a movie and to McDonalds play place. This time we saw The Tales of Despereaux. My mom went with us and was gracious enough to take some pictures for us while we were waiting. Then just as the movie was starting my brother josh surprised us....he is so clever. After the movie we made an extra stop at Jamba Juice and had some orange dream machines...mmmmmmmmm!!!! Noah and Cheyenne had a blast at McDonalds and I had to peel them away from the play place to get her home at a descent hour.....all in all a great tradition that I plan on carrying on for as long as I can. Well I will have to find something other than the play place in a few years.

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