Friday, January 9, 2009


Alright so my sister Savanah is getting Sealed in March at the Chicago Temple and we decided to head up north to do some wedding shopping....try on some dresses, look at some tux ideas and try and narrow down the color scheme. So Savanah, Katie(cousin) and her daughter Gracie, Feliscia and myself headed to Merriville. It was all very exciting except that we left like 4 hours late(BOO). Well Savanah has a tradition of Taking Noah(nephew) and Tanner(Katie's son) to Chucke Cheese on her visits she had this awesome idea that her fiancee could bring them up to meet us when we were done with wedding things...well Savanah found her dress (had them hold it for her) and the boys met us at Chucke Cheese....then Savanah wanted to go and buy her dress right then so she did. Katie, Josh and I entertained the kids for what we thought would be like 20 minutes. The stores are in the same strip mall....well Savanah was there to greet the boys and then she was there to give them a ride home...I will say though I sure did enjoy her tradition....maybe I will even get credit for it.

Tanner and Gracie....he loves his little sis!!!!

Noah and Tanner best buds

Savanah me and Feliscia at David's Bridal....we had the worst associate helping us...she was so bossy and Savanah had pictures of what dress she wanted and the lady didn't even look at them she just did her own thing...but either way Savanah found her dress....YAY!!!!

Savanah, me and Feliscia at the Tux shop

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